S/anted Editions Weekly Books Project
This project aimed to create a series of books that work together as a system, while learning more about layout design and quick thinking. Each book is based on a different topic based on ideas from the previous book, creating a chain reaction, and each book was designed and put together in a week or less.

Consistent elements in each book
  • Each book is printed on grey paper.
  • Each book is 25 pages.
  • Each book uses a maximum of 3 fonts and 3 colors including black.
  • Each book is printed on letter-sized paper.
  • Title pages and copyright pages include the same info.

February - May 2019

Collaborative project with Veronica Romero - (each of us has a separate series of books that work within the same system, only my books are featured here)

Each book includes a cover, cover page spread, essays, listicles, quotes, etc... on the topic, and a copyright page.

Each copyright page included:
Fonts, and hours it took to complete the book, along with other copyright information.

Below you can see a few more of my favorite spreads from this project.

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